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Foreign objects in the rectum are usually objects that have been inserted into the rectum but also may have been swallowed. Objects that have been inserted into the rectum intentionally or swallowed may become stuck. Symptoms depend on the size and shape of the object and whether there are any complications. The diagnosis is based on a physical examination, x-rays, and computed tomography.

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Based on circumstantial evidence like vaseline and latex gloves in his locker, it seems that Lawrence managed to evade the metal detectors by putting the pucks inside his rectum, according to Judge Doody can't make this stuff up. The scenario: Now your friend wants to know what he can store up there in a pinch. After all, the rectum has long been a favorite hiding spot for smugglers. It's spacious, it's not immediately obvious to law enforcement, and putting things there isn't altogether unpleasant, if the recreational enthusiasts are to be believed.

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Kasotakis: gro. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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This mode of removal was attempted given the patient had abdominal pain, but showed no obvious signs of inflammation e. Like all aspects of the body, severity of issues come down to real estate. Location, location, location.

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