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Reply tightone16 Jul 17, am I love to masturbate when I know other people can see me. The best part about it is my sister and her boy friend are in the front seat. All I need now is a viberator. But once, on a long drive though the middle of nowhere, I started to just get really horny. It was the middle of summer, and so I unhooked my bra and just let my tits out into the open.

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Yes, there's an entire month devoted to celebrating self-induced orgasms , and with good reason. In honor of this momentous month, We-Vibe polled people between the ages of 20 and 70 to get their thoughts about it. Here, you'll see that the results range from hilarious to quite shocking.

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By Kristine Fellizar July 15 A couple of days ago, a woman from the UK rear-ended the back of a stationary van while she was allegedly masturbating while driving. Because that story broke, UK-based insurance broker, Adrian Flux took it upon themselves to see just how many people partake in these sexually-charged risky behaviors while driving. Adrian Flux questioned 1, people on their naughty tendencies behind the wheel. It was found that the woman from the UK is not alone.

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By Tess Koman Jul 13, A woman crashed her Mini Cooper into a fish van in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, because she was allegedly masturbating while driving. Read that again: A grown woman got into her car, started driving, decided it would be a good time to try out her sex toy, and crashed into a van full of fish because she was At least, that's what the Mirror is reporting happened. The van driver was nervous to tell his boss about the incident.

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I'd give Chris credit for that. During our break, I managed to grab a table for two in the food court while Chris went to get us lattes and a bite to eat.

I watched the hustle and bustle of the crowd swirl around me. Despite the apparent disarray of their movements, they knew where they were going.

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