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Wholesome is the word that springs to mind upon meeting the former Welsh sheep farmer, who immigrated here six years ago, and his soft-spoken wife, a Montreal native. Their Happy Valley company, run out of their year-old farmhouse outside of Peterborough, Ont. Their profession came as a surprise to neighbour Thomas Aitken when he first met the young couple from up the road. They had come knocking about a pottery wheel he had for sale. The couple was coy about what they wanted it for, but Mr.

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Please log in to bookmark this story. And so, as sex shops became more prominent through the s and nineties, Canada's municipalities started passing age-restriction bylaws to keep youth out, says John Ince, author of The Politics of Lust. From coast to coast, the shops are bright and friendly places that are welcoming to couples, women, LBGT people — and, in some cases, teens.

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Please log in to bookmark this story. So, entrepreneurs Kim and Amy Sedgwick started off slow. The self-branded "eco-sisters" wrote a letter outlining their concerns of a "dangerous" problem hidden away in Canadian bedrooms everywhere - chemicals used in the majority of Canadian sex toys that pose a potential health risk for women.

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Canada Post is embarrassed and apologetic over a racy advertisement that appeared on its website. The online advertisement for a red and black garter dress, which lacks any fabric to cover the chest of the model wearing it in the accompanying photo, came to the attention of the federal government on Wednesday when Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie brought it up in the House of Commons. Was Crombie referring to the models wearing nothing but bras and panties? Was it the Santa Claus bustier set?

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On Sept. Create a secure connection between your smartphones. No consent was ever obtained from any customers before intercepting, monitoring, collecting and transmitting their usage information or any other data.

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You should be able to buy whatever sex toys you want in the privacy of your own home, safely and securely. Why are you selling adult toys only in Canada you ask? The main reason is that Canadians generally get screwed not in the good way when we buy stuff online. Sometimes prices are listed in American dollars, which means a high exchange rate.

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Or break up, either option solving the problem. But a year later, here we still were. Him silently rubbing it in my face with his mere presence that he'd gotten one up on me, coming and going as he pleased.

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