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Behavior[ edit ] Twixters are typically young adults who live with their parents or are otherwise not independent financially. If they are employed, they often have unsteady and low-paying jobs. They may have recently left university or high school, or recently embarked on a career. Media coverage[ edit ] Time published an article called "Twixter Generation: Young Adults Who Won't Grow Up", about Twixters in January , putting this relatively obscure demographic in the spotlight.

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The numbers are jarring. The New Republic has dubbed this trend the Great Delay. Popular theories about why our generation lives at home end up incorrectly psychoanalyzing young adults. Young people were praised too much as children.

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Living with his parents for the last two years, Branch hasn? After that I? Branch is one of many young adults who are taking longer to graduate, get married and become financially independent. Time magazine refers to those in this transitional group of to year-olds as?

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Where Do Americans Come From? The Twixters are not a type of candy bar, but a new social demographic. Many of them live with their parents; others who live independently still receive some degree of financial support from their families.

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