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My husband showed less and less interest in me and I admit I let myself go a little, then the boy from next door changed all that. It was such an innocent meeting at first; he fetched the empty cups back when I made his mom and some helpers cups of tea when moving in next door. He seemed so shy but ever so polite and I learnt he had just turned It was another four days before I spoke to Tom again; he looked lost, hanging about in his back garden so I invited him in for a drink and a chat.

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Introduction: A tale of really hairy women A good few miles where I live there is an all female family, the Mum Lynzi, Becki and Elaine and the twins Carly and Carla Lynzi's husband, their late daddy had banned them all from shaving any body hair off and from EVER wearing underwear , who all live in an old Victorian house. As I was talking to them I got the most amazing erection and had to keep adjusting myself because of the rate my erection was developing at and Elaine asked me what was making me so uncomfortable and I told her that I could see her pit, leg, thigh and pussy hair and it was just so in my face and turning me on something awful and she laughed so much that her top opened and both of her huge and extremely saggy tits fell out of her top and almost landed on the table top and she didn't make any attempt to cover them up, this made her laugh even more and her breasts just kept bouncing up and down and swinging to both sides off her chest. At that point my prick tried to make a leap for freedom from my shorts and the other females in the group came to my table to see what the commotion was, and there was me with my prick poking out of the leg of my shorts and the five women gathered round me and insisted on walking me to my car and would not let me put my prick which by now was standing at 45 degrees back in my shorts but told me to leave it as it was until we got to their house.

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February 1, First, let me own up. I am a mature man, yet ever since I was young and saw a gorgeous mature buxom lady wearing a girdle and fucking a guy on top, I have maintained a fetish to for plump mature women with big floppy tits wearing open crotch girdles and no underwear …oh yes, and they should have a lovely hairy cunt. So when a friend, who owned a fashion and shoe shop for shall we say, mature women, found out that I was semi retired she asked if I could help her for two days a week, who was I to argue?

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Another smack on the same spot of my right butt cheek created a lingering sting. But it wasn't a deterrent because my leg moved again when he returned to fingering my asshole. I couldn't help it.

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"She was with two of her guy friends in our bed. They were the ones who had quote-unquote 'taught' me to nurture my dominant side. They had also been very persuasive when I was trying to decide on the piercings. I could see that they sported similar but more elaborate hardware than what I had chosen.

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There was a growl behind me when I stood and the sheet fell away. "In the half-light, you're even more exquisite, Holly. How the shadows touch your skin, highlighting your silhouette. Mmm.

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"I don't think-" Dirk started. I held up my hand, and Chris said, "She's not done. " "Case in point, Thanksgiving," I said once I could talk again. It was a struggle to keep from shouting.

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