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Share on Twitter Douglas Ever since we were young, we were inseparable; but always competitive and trying to be different at whatever we did. From athletics to soccer and school, we were the same but very different. We feel this has never really changed as we have grown up. A lacking sense of individualism is something almost every twin has to deal with. On occasions you're used to it and it doesn't matter, but sometimes a comment like that can have a real effect.

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Ring a bell? I asked her and her twin sister, Barbara, what they made of that. Barbara the reserved brunette. In that one exchange, the only two people alive who are both children and grandchildren of American presidents played to the stereotypes that they were assigned long ago.

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The science of sexuality Story highlights Scientists say mothers who have more than one boy had higher concentrations of a certain protein Earlier studies have noticed that gay men often have older brothers CNN If you're a guy with an older brother, there's an increased chance you're gay. Scientists have noticed this pattern in previous research, but now they think they have a biological explanation as to why, and it starts long before birth. The researchers say that if their findings can be replicated, we may know at least one of the biological reasons some men are gay.

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Advertisement Is Hager Twins still alive? Are there any death rumors? Unfortunately no, Hager Twins is not alive anymore.

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