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Pictures of the so-called 'virgin-killer' sweater modelled by year-old stunner Jun Amaki have gone viral in the Asian country. But this latest endorsement by the model known as the "woman with the anime body" has helped it become a must-have pullover. With , followers and rising on Instagram, she could soon be giving the likes of Kim Kardashian a run for her money. Why are young-looking models so popular in Japan? JAPAN is well-known for its cutesy culture.

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Almost half of Japan's singles are still virgins Experts say everything from the stagnant economy to interest in anime is to blame Tokyo CNN Japanese millennials just aren't having sex. While some prefer it that way, others would like their fortunes to change, with The survey did not look at same-sex partners.

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He stilled. "Hands, Holly. " Swallowing hard, I raised shaky arms until my hands were behind my head.

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I sighed. "I can't change the past, but I can try to make things right for the future. Better.

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