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These precocious fairies usually serve as guides to heroes. In the Ivalice chronology of the games, they are one of the many races that inhabit the realm. However, fans of the game notice that sometime between the events of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics, there are no races other than human left. There are no more bunny girls or lizardmen to be seen. Through exploring the natural wonders and recovering artifacts, it is revealed that an event referred to as 'The Cataclysm' wipes out the entire moogle race, among others.

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This is to be expected when the story involves things like false memories, characters assuming fake identities, and a shoddy translation that glosses over key pieces of information. One major mistake that the game made was hiding one of its most pivotal scenes. It's worth noting that you have no other reason to visit the Shinra Mansion at this point in the game unless you didn't enter it on Disc 1. The Superboss is a battle against an enemy who is stronger than the actual final boss of the game.

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Edit The North American localization was essentially identical to the original Japanese game. Technical limitations, and the censorship policies of Nintendo of America, resulted in a few minor changes to certain elements, however. Nintendo of America policy prohibited games from featuring any overt Judeo-Christian imagery or reference to death.

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After the party has weakened the Deling imitation, he will collapse on the ground, and Gerogero will emerge from his crumpled, lifeless body as the true boss to defeat. No real changes were made to the design of the monster, apart from the fact that his nails now have a beautiful ombre polish on them. But replacing red for blue definitely makes Gerogero look a little more comical and a little less nightmarish, especially in the context of the scene.

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