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At a certain point, they reached a part of the cave that was pitch-black. They never spoke of it again. Brandon self-identifies as straight. He had never masturbated in front of another man, let alone a group of other men, before in his life.

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Tweet Great advice. Photo via Flickr user torbakhopper As Paul Rosenberg, the founder of Seattle's Rain City Jacks , explains to me what exactly a jack-off club is, I am immediately intimidated. As a woman, my imagination planted itself in the middle of the scenario where 60 naked men in a room, walked around with erections, jerking and playing with themselves and one another, and it felt more like a nightmare than a dream. Of course, if I really was in the middle of one of Rain City Jacks ' popular jack-off events, the men there would hardly notice me or even be interested.

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Plus: etiquette for Italian hookups and open marriages Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe click to enlarge "I realize he has every right to attend Jacks, as much right as me, but I really wish he wouldn't. I want to continue attending Jacks, but what if he's there again? As someone recovering from sexual abuse, I find the party to be safe, therapeutic, and just sexy fun.

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The event is organized by New York Jacks, a group that hosts regular meetings for men to gather in relative public to do something nearly every man does in relative private. They take over Paddles on Tuesdays, and on Sundays host a meeting on the third floor of a building on West 38th Street. I first attended a New York Jacks meeting with a friend on a Tuesday a few weeks ago.

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A few other cities have a groups tho I don't know if the are affiliated with NY Jacks. While I doubt an A-lister would be there, someone less famous might. I loved watching and while my dick isn't a baseball bat, I did have a little something in my column I cum a lot and it shoots very, very far.

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Well it's exactly what it sounds like aka an all-dude meet-up where you, uh, masturbate with other dudes. Founded in by Paul Rosenberg, the Rain City Jacks started as a Yahoo group in response to the marked lack of communal masturbation clubs in the Seattle area. And it's been a success ever since, with hundreds of members and a well-oiled heh organizational structure that includes a mentor-based introduction and coded consent wristbands red for "don't touch my dick," green for "just touch my dick". Not to mention a well-stocked supply area that features all sorts of lubes, wipes, linens, clean-up materials, etc.

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"So, is that a yes. Will you marry me?" I was going to tease him and say I'd think about it. Make some quip about popping the question at Christmas being so passé. I had a reputation as a naughty girl to uphold, didn't I.

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It's paid off, runs well, and the insurance is dirt cheap, so I can't complain. " I giggled at that. I thought my used car was near the end of its life.

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