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You had just spotted the sign for the turn off you wanted and with delight you saw it was only fifteen miles. But just then you felt a strange sensation with the car, a sort of judder, you glanced at the dials in front of you and suddenly noticed you were on the limit of no petrol. My mate works in the building trade and he and two of his mates were working on a refubishment of an old house. It was supposed to be a eight week job However they were ahead of everything and they used to take alternative days off. One afternoon one of the lads went home sick and the other lad was on a day off, my mate was left to work the rest of his afternoon alone.

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When I was eighteen I was in the woods hunting squirrels one early October morning with my red bone hound, Rusty. We had been walking for a couple miles when rusty took off running and disappeared into the woods. So after […] Written by jabba, October 16th, While the story is from a true event, the names and places have been changed to protect every one involved. My name is Paul and I work for a beverage and malt company.

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"That March," he continued, "my dad got laid off. Professor Bradley overheard me sharing with Pete that I wasn't coming back in the fall because my parents couldn't afford the tuition. A week later, the Bradleys sat me down and said if I wanted to continue to get my degree, they'd see that it happened. I wasn't to worry about how to pay for my classes, and I would stay with them for housing.

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Her voice barely reached my ears, and her eyes darted once over Chris's shoulder. He responded curtly, but I didn't hear what he said, either. Not that it mattered at the moment. I was more concerned about the burnt smell wafting down the hallway.

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