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I mean, I already had a short pixie cut so it's not like I sheared 20 inches of hair off; I was used to having short hair. I even had the sides and back shaved already. It wasn't a huge change, and yet lots of people in my life were skeptical or downright negative about the idea of my going full buzzcut. Since I'm the kind of person who hates being told what to do, this honestly just made me want to do it more. I actually had a blast shaving my head I even made a video of it!

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I write with a focus on health and wellness. Jane and it was revolutionary. Audiences applauded her bravery for willingly parting with her long, flowing locks in order to commit to the part.

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My name is Cricket Guest , I am artist, model, actress, filmmaker and writer who is passionate about activism. There were many reasons as to why I decided to shave my head. It was largely based on my issues with a lack of representation, specifically in the beauty pageant world. My Early Pageant Years I began competing in beauty pageants at 14 years old.

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