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Then you'll probably like this website. Originally part of the newsgroup alt. The site contains a huge archive of stories from many, many users, and these stories tend to run the gamut from plausible to downright bizarre. Their unifying theme is that they all contain some form of mind control, and that the mind control is somehow used as part of a sexual act.

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That way, they come back. They're better off for the visits, and I rarely have any openings in the appointment calendar. It's a win-win situation. He said I couldn't force people to do things they didn't want to do, and I haven't really pushed the envelope, so to speak.

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Fingers pressed harder into my hips while thumbs stroked the skin on my backside. The quaking outside intensified, so I pressed my lips together.

Fisted my hands.

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Binding them with my hands palm-to-palm and leaving a loop sticking out above my fingertips. When he was done, he hooked the loop to a carabiner clip he'd attached to the eye-hook just under the bottom edge of the wooden headboard. The feature had been useful several times in the past when he used handcuffs and rope to restrict my movements. I missed his hand doing the job, but my pulse raced at the more secure method.

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Especially the spanking. And then I couldn't stop. I was weak and had to have you completely.

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