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Targets Target Machines: The lab network contains a large number of machines which range in difficulty. One of the most important skills you will need to learn as a penetration tester is to scan a number of machines and try to find the lowest hanging fruit. The IP addresses of the systems in the lab are not in any specific sequence and you should not start at the lowest target IP address and work your way through the in numerical order. You may not be able to fully compromise a particular network without first moving into another.

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Conclusion Introduction A corporate information system is the overarching structure that unites the services necessary for a company to operate. Such systems are complex and constantly changing as new elements appear and existing ones are reconfigured. As the system grows, ensuring information security and defending mission-critical resources from attacks becomes even more difficult.

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Also, in the resources attached to this lecture, there are multiple URLs that contain additional comprehensive information related to what is covered. Preview This video will show you how to download and configure Kali Linux within VirtualBox, using the most recent version as of January Kali Linux is an industry standard for pentesters, and will be the OS used to exploit numerous intentionally vulnerable VMs during this course. Preview Now we're going to download several intentionally vulnerable VMs from my Google drive, which I've set up to allow you to conveniently download from a single location.

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