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JPG 26 Ilse E. Wilgifortis come from? The official Catholic position, shared by many art historians, is that it arose from a misunderstanding about a famous crucifix in the Italian city of Lucca. This crucifix, known as the Holy Face, was an important object of veneration in the Middle Ages, and had its own legend of origin. According to that tradition, the crucifix was carved by Nicodemus, one of the men who helped bury Christ, and its features were exactly those of Jesus.

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Tweeze, shave, chemical cream, wax or electro-zap: Humans have come up with a pharmacy's worth of ways to deforest their bodies of natural hair. Yet, to evolutionary biologists, humans are amazing not because they have so much hair, but because they have so little. Whereas our ancestors once sported full-fur suits, Homo sapiens today are almost embarrassingly naked. The story of how our bodies morphed from being upholstered in head-to-toe carpeting into a mosaic of hairy and non-hairy bits is one of sweat, sex, scent, and not to be left out climate change. Then, about three million years ago, a global cooling period dried out the regions of Central Africa where those early family members were living.

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The Gonzales sisters were one in a billion—all three of them. One might expect that the girls—and their likewise afflicted father and brothers—would have been ostracized, yet they were welcomed in the courts of Europe and received considerable attention from physicians and nobles alike. What led you to write a book about the Gonzales sisters? I decided I had to learn more about the hairy little girl in the pink brocade dress, and as I did, I realized that her story, and that of her family, was a fascinating one.

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Dear Dr Nina: My four-year-old has a very hairy back - should I be worried? I have a daughter who has just turned four. She is a great little girl - bright and funny and is rarely sick.

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Each brush of his fingertips along the outside of each fleshy globe-around my areolas-pulled another moan from me. The heat of his palm was palpable as it lingered over one nipple, which seemed to strain for his contact. I clutched at the couch cushion, but my nails just scraped the plush material.

My eyes fluttered open, and I couldn't stop licking then pressing my lips together.

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