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Back in environment was still regarded as something of an add-on extra—largely the interest of the slightly eccentric, the sandalled and the hirsute. From the Hansard archive The young hirsute gentlemen who sit on those councils now perhaps do not have such long memories. From the Hansard archive The club's sole requirement for membership is a hirsute appendage of the upper lip and with graspable extremities; beards are absolutely forbidden. From Wikipedia Tendrils are densely hirsute when young, becoming only hairy near the pitcher or entirely glabrous when mature.

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Hirsute Colin's hairy moment Independent. That was back when Colin Farrell was making movies that you could take yourkids to. Now that he's moved into the more, er, adult end of the market, the tables have been turned.

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Part of Speech: Adjective Meaning: Hairy, bristly, covered with hair-like bristles. Notes: Today's Good Word has only a literal sense, and is not used in the metaphorical sense of hairy "dangerous, frightening". This means that an adverb would make no sense—what would doing something in a hairy manner mean? So today's word comes only with the rather mundane noun, hirsuteness.

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Introducing the bearded lady What is the criteria for being "hirsute" on a woman? I'm a hairy woman.

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