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Lump in the mouth

Overview Many people experience gum pain or irritation at some point. A buildup of plaque and other bacteria is often the culprit of gum pain and irritation. This buildup can also cause bleeding and redness of the gums. But what about a bump on your gums? Cyst A cyst is a small bubble filled with air, liquid, or other soft materials.

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White patches A white or grayish patch inside your mouth or on your lips is called leukoplakia , or keratosis. An irritant like a rough tooth, broken denture, or tobacco can cause cell overgrowth and produce these patches. The habit of chewing the inside of your cheek or lips can also lead to leukoplakia.

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Cold sores are fluid-filled blisters that typically form on the lips, but can sometimes form on the roof of your mouth. Other symptoms of cold sores include: painful blisters, often grouped in patches tingling or itching before the blister forms fluid-filled blisters that rupture and crust over blisters that ooze or appear as an open sore Cold sores heal on their own within a few weeks. Certain prescription medications, such as valacyclovir Valtrex , can speed up healing time. Epstein pearls Epstein pearls are whitish-yellow cysts that newborns get on their gums and the roof of their mouths.

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A non-cancerous condition of the mouth is a change to mouth cells, but it is not cancer. Non-cancerous tumours and conditions are not usually life-threatening. There are many types of non-cancerous tumours and conditions of the mouth. Warts A wart is a small round or oval growth.

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