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Follow More often than not, I'll go looking for fanart of a character and I am bombarded with fetish art. There is a filter for "language" and "ideologically sensitive content", so why not one for fetish work? I also feel that it should be mandatory to mark your fetish work as sensitive content if you don't want to put it under strict mature work though I honestly think it should, as it's obviously created with the intent to titillate. Just drawing a fat person is bodyshaming!

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Knew you were the one. Do you know how hard it's been trying not to spill my secret?" My eyes swung up to his again, my hands hovering between my lap and my face, unsure what I should do with them. "You talked to my dad. When?" The corner of his mouth lifted up.

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He just kept staring into my eyes. So I stared back, studying the blue depths that grew brighter again in the light from the bedside lamp. I loved looking at them.

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