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Pregnancy for black women has always meant contending with unwarranted levels of public scrutiny. And then, for all celebrity women, pregnancy has increasingly required a very public performance of motherhood and nurturing. Any hint of dissatisfaction with the difficulties their bodies endure to bring new life into the world is often met with criticism and accusations of ungratefulness. Perhaps because of this, black celebrity women have recently started taking active control over how their pregnant bodies are seen in public by crafting specific narratives that center both their motherhood and their blackness.

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As she reminisces, a naked two-year-old streaks into her kitchen. His grandmother whisks him away. She hopes to return, but now her body is changing again. Two-fifths of its new mothers are teenagers, the highest share of any municipality in the country, which in turn has the highest rate of teen motherhood outside Africa.

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The very pregnant Serena Williams has gone and done what just about any female celeb has done by showing off her toned physique and baby bump in an exclusive cover shoot with Vanity Fair magazine. The images, to be published in next month's issue of the magazine, were taken by celebrity photographer to the stars Annie Leibovitz, who captured Williams with no props, bells or whistles and not a single flower in sight. The photographs encapsulate another side to the tennis star, one the public seldom sees.

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Images used under license from Shutterstock. Black and white photo. Half face of confident young African man looking at camera while standing against grey background by g-stockstudio Crying man by Katarzyna Wojtasik Cute couple by likebw Dramatic side view of two young African American people on black background by Rocketclips, Inc. Female hand shows middle finger, studio, shot, isolated by Matthias G.

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Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, Brooke Shields, Christina Aguilera, Miranda Kerr, and several other white female celebrities have flaunted their bare pregnant bodies on magazine covers. Williams' photo shoot is an effort to link the beauty of pregnancy with blackness, something that has eluded black women from the beginning of time. In the images, which were released earlier today, Williams is depicted in profile, her gaze focused on the future, her hands covering her bare breasts and her skin enviably glowing. She almost looks like a Renaissance painting of the pregnant Virgin Mary , and that's likely intentional: in art history, pregnancy is frequently associated with the religious image of the Virgin Mary.

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