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When I am through with you, you will beg me to dress you up in sexy outfits so you can show off. She immediately pulled out a pair of handcuffs, put them on me, and secured them behind me to the headrest, making me completely helpless. Next came a bra in which she placed some breast forms to fill them out. She then bent over and began removing my shoes.

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Flicking through anthropological texts yields a pathetic number of references to heterosexual anal sex. Is this because researchers assume that it's only for homosexual guys? Those researchers are missing a trick. Archaeologists have unearthed 10, pots.

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I was still mulling over how to broach the subject when we met for coffee, but then your mom called. My only concern became easing your pain. I did what I'd been raised to do by my parents and the Bradleys. I was there for you, if only as a shoulder to lean on.

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Grasped in his loose fist was a folded piece of paper. "I really am sorry. " My hand shook when I took it from him.

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Chris was back in another minute, sitting on the edge of the bed at my feet. He pulled his hand out from behind his back, revealing a small, rectangular, black box. I carefully lifted the lid, gasping.

Inside was a delicate gold chain with a shimmering charm dangling from it: two green leaves of holly and two red berries.

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But it was confirmed Friday. I didn't know how to tell you. Any of it. Chris, it's breaking my heart!" He just blinked, the lamp behind me illuminating his face.

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