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A hot shower or bath is recommended—this will help soften the hair and prepare your skin. Be sure to dry off with a fresh towel as a re-used towel my contain bacteria. You can remove hair lodged between the blades by running the blade under a heavy stream of water or gently tapping the razor on the base of the sink. Once you've cleaned the razor, pour a little rubbing alcohol over the top of the blades to kill any bacteria. If you're using an electric groomer, you can clean the unit by opening the razor and removing stray hairs.

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Porn, as well as the Kardashians, have been credited with helping to popularize the trend. And by "below the belt," we mean way below the belt. What is surprising, however, particularly to straight guys who have been taught to be squeamish about anything butt-related, is that guys are apparently taking their razors backdoors. By , she had so many male customers showing up she decided to open up a second salon for men.

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